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Full-time non-contract drivers, and our own fleet of delivery vehicles bring you unparalleled reliability.

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Same-day Deliver to your customers the same day that they order, and increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and experience - without increasing your cost. Live Tracking Detailed tracking and uber-like follow-the-driver features allow your customers to always know their status, without tying up your resources. Branded Experience Your customers get notified about their packages with your company name. Our propietary software increases confirmations and decreases missed deliveries. Shopify Integration Install our Shopify App and have a completely seamless shipping flow!

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19+ Age-Verified Deliveries Age-restrict your customers to meet government requirements. We guarantee to age-verify your customer before we give the package. Refrigerated Deliveries Food? Pharmaceuticals? or anything that needs to stay cold. Utilize our fleet of Reefer vans for same-day refrigerated (or -22C frozen) deliveries. Identity-Verified Deliveries Need to deliver something sensitive? We'll verify the identity of the recipient and only hand over the package to the intended recipient.

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