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We obsess with ensuring packages arrive on time, every time.

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Owned vehicles We don't outsource deliveries. We have our own fleet of delivery vehicles and our own full-time and part-time delivery staff. We do not hire contract workers. In-house technologies Our tech is developed by in-house programmers that allows us to introduce cool new features efficiently and without bugs. We never obfuscate We do not take on more business than we can handle, ever. If we're at capacity, we add resources before we add new business. Maldives-like transparency No hidden fees. We quote you a price, and break it down on your invoice. This never changes.

Specialty Deliveries

19+ Age-Verified Deliveries Weels started from a need for realiable age verified delivery, we are sticklers for of-age verification. Regardless of your needs, you can be sure Weels will always verify the recipient age when required. Refrigerated Deliveries Weels has a fleet of reefer vans specifically for refrigerated, and frozen deliveries. We do not outsource these deliveries. You can be assured that your staff are getting the same phenomenal service, every delivery. Identity-Verified Deliveries Need to deliver something sensitive? We'll verify the identity of the recipient and only hand over the package to the intended recipient.
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